About Certification & WDDO Membership

Once your training is complete and you have your registered WDDO Certification, you are not automatically a WDDO Member. You will need to fill out the appropriate Application form and mail it in with a payment for your annual membership dues. Individual Membership dues are $200 per member per year (Individual Membership applicants can apply directly online), Corporate Membership dues are; 1-5 members is $500, 6-10 members is $1,000, 11-15 members is $1,500 (email WDDO Secretary secretary@wddo.org for payment for Corporate membership).You will receive your WDDO Membership Certificate at that time.

Testing Officials
Contacts for WDDO Certification Testing

David Latimer
Lincoln, AL

Jim Latimer
Vincent, AL

James Ko
Vincent, AL


Trainer Certification Guidelines

Setting Up a Double Blind Certification Test

Dr. Lawrence Myers, MS, DVM, PhD
Auburn University Assoc. Prof. of Animal Behavior and Sensory Physiology and Medicine

Actual Double Blind Certification Test