Steven Yerger

Steven Yerger, President of World Detector Dog Organization since 2010 and is also one of the founding members who helped to incorporate WDDO in 2005. He has also served in the past as Vice President. Mold detection was his initial introduction into the scent detection business in 2004. He ran a successful Mold Detection K-9 business in the Mid-Atlantic region for several years until economic downtrends brought a lateral move into Canine Security industry serving local hospitals and related venues. Currently operating both a security agency, utilizing narcotics and explosives scent detection canines as well as detection services for schools and drug rehab centers. He also operates a bed bug detection only service under local licensed pest control companies using Cooper, a rat terrier mix. Steve believes one of his roles as president is reaching out to the scent detection community including private businesses and public agencies throughout the country, to promote WDDO standards to the K-9 industry, as well as to the general public.