WDDO’s Trainers have all fulfilled the full WDDO certifications and
membership requirements (are current on their membership dues) and are readily available for your training.

Master Trainers

David Latimer is Certified in the following disciplines:
Arson/Accelerant, Explosives/Bombs, Narcotics, Termites and Bed Bugs

FSI K9 Academy
Vincent, AL

Approved Trainers

Trainer Discipilines Certified
Jim Latimer (Bed Bugs, Accelerants, Termites)
Diana Ludwiczak (Bed Bugs)
Chelsea Latimer (Bed Bugs, Accelerants)
Peter Schonemann
(Bed Bugs)
Steven Paul Yerger (Narcotics)
James Ko
(Bed Bugs, Accelerants)
Deanna Kjorlien (Bed Bugs)
Stephanie Taunton (Bed Bugs)
Stephanie Koch
(Bed Bugs)
Laura Totis (Bed Bugs)